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             "For it is in giving that we receive . . " --- St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)

​Paradise Tree

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​             Sharing is a part of  Christmas.   It began with God's gift of Jesus! 

                       Here are printable documents to download and enjoy:
                             Good reading,  good eating,  good projects.


                                         Need a .PDF reader?  Download free at Adobe

                                     Please suggest additions to our lists via the Contacts page.

While you browse, we'd like to share some music with you.  These three selections began as .midi files in the public domain.  Each is intricate and quite beautiful.   We think you'll enjoy them!

Our name derives from the very first Christmas
trees in Germany in the Middle Ages.  It is fitting that

(1) "Our Father's House" is an old German hymn!

(2) "What Child Is This," or "Greensleeves"

(3) "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach



​​                                                             GOOD READING

                     Paul Harvey's "The Man And The Birds,"as heard on the radio

                       "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus,"by Francis P. Church, the Baltimore Sun newspaper

                       "The Real Story of the 12 Days of Christmas"  Whether history or legend, it's worth a look

                       "The Proclamation Of The Birth Of Christ"  As seen on our Christ-Mass Page

                        "Prophecies Fulfilled"  As seen on our Advent Page


​                        "The Legend of The Christmas Tree" The story of Saint Wilfred's tree

                        "Fra Giovanni's Greetings At Christmas"  "I salute you:  There is nothing I can give you . ."

                         Our Lord's 'Birth Announcement'/A Birthday Cake For Jesus"  "It's a Boy!"/"Make this special cake for                            your family . . "  (also offered on our Christ-Mass Page)

                         "The Christ Upon The Hill"  An old story poem by William Cosmo Monkhouse

                         "The Story Of The Other Wiseman,"  by Henry VanDyke
                           The beloved work of fiction, slightly abridged, gently edited, with added footnotes
                           (also offered on our Epiphany Page)

                          "The Confederate Soldier's Prayer"  "I asked God for strength, that I might achieve . ."

                          "Christmas Quotes"  Carefully selected, in three categories

                          "The Christmas Card Poem"  "I have a list of folks I know . . "

                           "The Deck Of Cards,"   by T. Texas Tyler

                           "Beatitudes For Friends Of The Aged," by Esther Mary Walker  "Blessed are they who understand . . "

                            "What Cancer Cannot Do"   Cancer is so limited . . . It cannot cripple love . . "


                             Best Ever Brownies  Honest!  Really easy, too!

                             Celie's Oatmeal Cookies  Mom's own recipe, soft and yummy!

                             Three Christmas Cakes  Andes Candies cake, "eggnog" cake, 

                              and the mother of all carrot cakes (Celie's)!

                             Amish Friendship Bread  Give the starter, the recipe, and a loaf - the gift that keeps on giving!

                             COMMUNION BREADS  Unleavened, Leavened, and Gluten Free

                             Scripture Cake, A Bible Riddle Recipe  Kitchen tested--no worries!

                             Uncle Bill's Coleslaw for 30   A "hit" at our local (Fredericksburg, Virginia) homeless shelter!
                             You can viisit Thurman Brisben Center and donate online!

                             Red-Skin Potato Salad for 30  Great for a large gathering!

                             "Every Day Casserole" and "Happiness Cake"  (Just for fun)

                             Dog Cookies  Make a gift for a special pet!

                             Suet Recipes  Feed the wild birds in winter

See our Epiphany Page for a recipe for Lamb's Wool Punch and directions for making an Epiphany Cake for kids.



                               Christmas Poems    An Illustrated gift booklet 

                               Printing and assembly instructions are found on last page of document

                               Easter Poems   An illustrated gift booklet
                               Printing and assembly instructions are found on last page of document

                               Cinnamon Ornaments   Make 'em, string 'em, hang 'em

                               Beaded Wire Ornaments  Shepherd's Crook, Shepherd's Cross, and Christian Fish, easy to make

Visit our Advent Page for a downloadable blessing for your Advent Wreath and for a link to Jesse Tree ornament patterns to download

And see our Epiphany Page for downloadable blessing prayers for your January 6th celebration: 
                                 The Blessing of the Chalk and The House Blessing (for use with holy water)

This House Blessing  is a beloved poem by Arthur Guiterman, suitable for framing or decoupage

Creating your own Christmas cards or Christmas letter?  Find a wealth of great quotes in "Christmas Quotes," offered above under Good Reading!





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